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INdustrial efficiency experience in a wide variety of technologies and industries. Our work has included compressed air, variable speed drives in a variety of applications, refrigeration, production efficiency and strategic energy management, lighting, and a wide variety of custom measures. We have worked in diverse industrial facilities in sectors such as wood products, plastics, oil and gas, food processing, and high-tech, among others.

Commercial efficiency measures, including retro-commissioning studies, in various commercial facilities, including multi-family residential buildings. We also have extensive experience with data center efficiency.

Agricultural experience including irrigation and pumping measures as well as refrigeration and lighting.

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INCA Energy Efficiency engineers bring together electrical, mechanical and process engineering expertise to help customers identify and measure energy efficiency in our economy. We have extensive expertise in energy efficiency across the industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors. Our experience includes technologies such as compressed air, controls, variable speed drives, lighting, refrigeration, pumping, and process improvements, as well as retro-commissioning services.


We execute energy efficiency with a rigorous Measurement & Verification framework. M&V ensures that the best information is used to make energy efficiency decisions and ensures that implemented measures generate optimum savings that persist over time. INCA Energy Efficiency methods conform with the IPMVP and Uniform Methods Protocols to measure energy use directly and through indicator variables or when needed with building models and analysis of utility meter data. We use a variety of instruments to make spot measurements and trend variables over time with data loggers. INCA engineers leverage building automation and supervisory control and data acquisition systems. Our methods are platform-neutral and utilize diagnostic tools to identify inefficient operation and equipment faults.


Deborah Swarts, P.E., CEM

Principal and Senior Engineer                                                                                                                            



Principal and Senior Engineer                                                                                                                               

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Please let us know how INCA Energy Efficiency can help your business identify and and achieve energy management goals. We look forward to hearing from you.


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